Some Tips to Fix Squeaky Floors

unduhan-33The squeaks and creaks that you hear, every time someone walks by, can drive you crazy. But don’t worry. It is possible to get rid of this annoying sound. Although completely eliminating the source of this noise can be a difficult job, there are several simple methods that require a minimal investment in buying the necessary equipment.

Fixing Squeaky Floors

The key to getting rid of squeaky floors, is to identify the root cause of the noise, and to get rid of it permanently. There can be several reasons that can cause this. Over a period of time, the wood dries out and shrinks, generating small gaps between the hardwood boards. These gaps are a common cause of the problem. Most wooden-flooring options in modern houses are made up of several layers of wood. The lowest layer, known as the floor joist, can also cause squeaking due to sagging, over time. The nature of the sound, as well as the method used to fix the floor, depends on which layer is responsible for the noise and what type of finishing the floor has.

Fix the Floors from Underneath
The first and the most

Way to Apply Epoxy Paint to Garage Floor

unduhan-32In recent times, the popularity of epoxy paint coating for garage floor has increased manifold, and it can be attributed to its many good points and the fact that it comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. The durability of epoxy paints has always been talked about and another factor that works in its favor is the fact that it does not allow oily or greasy particles to attach to its surface which makes the paint easier to clean, and thus, ranks it higher than several other types of paints. There are three different types of epoxy paints that are available in the market; water based epoxy, solvent based epoxy, and solid epoxy. The most popular type of epoxy paint for garage flooring in the market are solvent based paints.

Applying Epoxy Paint to Garage Floor

Solvent epoxy paints have an adhesive quality and it penetrates the flooring of the garage easily. But while using this type of paint, it is important that you use proper protective gear, as the fumes of the solvents are extremely harmful. It is also important that after you paint the garage, you

Lay Tiles Options

unduhan-34Many people call professionals for laying tiles on the flooring in their house–but their services are usually very expensive. It is because of this that many people prefer to do this job personally, but without proper instructions and directions, one might end up making a mess of it. To avoid all this, it is important that proper instructions and steps are provided–which is exactly what this following article will do. Continue reading for some tips on how to lay tiles, how to prevent the common mistakes that may arise, and the ways in which you can save money while doing the same.

Decide The Size and Color
The first thing that you have to do is decide on the size of the tile as well as the area that you want to cover with the tiles. The tiles come in various shapes and sizes. Pick one of your choice and make sure that all the tiles are of the same size. Get some extra tiles to be on the safe side because some might break while laying them. In fact, while laying the